Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Prabhu is doing an amazing service for God’s kingdom in India.  We simply cannot let this good and fruitful work suffer financial setback.  As you may know, Prabhu directs 50+ year round WEI Bible teaching schools in villages, towns, and cities all over southeast India.  Preachers of the local Churches of Christ in these locations teach mostly young people in their communities interested in improving their English language skills. In this process they learn the entire Bible and God’s eternal plan of salvation.  Prabhu also preaches and teaches full time in a local congregation and assists other Churches of Christ in many rural locations.  He also trains future leaders of the Lord’s church in his Mike Hale Bible School of Ministry.

The Maryville Church of Christ took temporary oversight of this work 2 years ago in hopes of finding another congregation to sponsor the work.  Unfortunately, another congregation with the ability to financially invest in a more substantial way has not been located.

We just learned that WEI-India under Prabhu Kumar’s direction will be receiving substantially less in 2018 than they received each of the last two years.  For this ministry to continue at it’s current effectiveness, WEI-India will need a total of $30,000 for 2018.  As it stands right now, we are no where near that level of funding.  Please pray fervently for this most fruitful ministry.  I have personally witnessed it myself on 3 different occasions and the work and Bible teaching being done through these 50+ year-round WEI schools in mostly poor rural undeveloped locations is inspiring.

Countless souls are being saved and God is glorified through this ministry.  We MUST find funding to keep it operational.

Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might be able to help.  You can contact me anytime night or day to discuss possibilities.  This work is currently under the oversight of the Maryville Church of Christ eldership. If you are able to financially support this ministry, please send a check to:

 WEI-India c/o
Maryville Church of Christ
P.O. Box 5293
Maryville, TN 37802-5293


Donate Online:
and put WEI-India in the Memo line.

Thanks again and God bless,

Tom Langley
(865) 803-2909

WEI-India Statistics since its inception in 2008

Since 2007 approximately 56,400 people have heard the Gospel of Christ in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh through the WEI-India ministry.

  • 2014: 83 WEI students baptized.
  • 2015: 102 WEI students baptized.
  • 2016: 35 WEI students baptized
  • January-October 2017: 53 WEI students baptized

2007– 2017 total: 674  baptisms of which 30% were either friends or relatives of these WEI students.

Since the inception of this ministry in 2007, approximately 22,500 WEI students have studied the Bible in these year-round WEI schools operated by Churches of Christ in villages, towns, and cities throughout India.