Using your computer/tablet/cell phone, your Internet connection, and WEI’s teaching website, you can teach the Good News to people in all of the world’s 203 nations.

Approximately 6000 people visit the WEI teaching website each month to study the English language because it is free. Each month over 800 of these people register and return the introductory lesson and need to be claimed by a teacher. WEI uses lessons from the Bible to illustrate the accompanying lesson on English grammar.

The website provides recordings of the Bible lesson so students can learn to hear and speak English as they read. While they learn to hear and speak, the Word is being planted deep within their memories.

WEI’s Teaching Website Makes it Easy

  1. No records for you to keep. The website keeps all student records automatically.
  2. You do not need to be an English major to teach WEI’s lessons. All grammar questions are true/false and multiple choice and are graded by the website. In addition to grading the students’ answers, the website quotes the section of the lesson that contains the correct answer to explain incorrect answers.
  3. Your job is to respond to their answers to the Thought Questions found in the Reading Assignments. First, if they have an incorrect view of the Bible lesson, help them understand what the Bible actually says. Second, help them write their answers in understandable English sentences.
  4. Students appreciate teachers who treat them as friends, not numbers. We encourage our teachers to develop a friendly relationship with their students. If they desire to become a Christian, we will do our best to connect them with the nearest church of Christ missionary in their region of the world.
  5. For more information on all WEI’s activities and accomplishments, visit This site has links to WEI’s quarterly newsletter, other newsletters related to mission sites all over the world, teacher tips, and other WEI related links which you might find interesting and helpful.

The Internet Provides Almost Instantaneous Communication Anywhere in the World

  1. No long waiting like postal mail – one half second to send and receive a lesson.
  2. Prompt responses provide better teaching than delayed responses.
  3. Students expect prompt responses. WEI’s goal is to respond to students within 24 hours of their submission.
  4. Website must be checked every day for test answers and messages from students.
  5. So students can be serviced promptly, website coordinator must be told if sickness, hospitalizations, vacations, family events, etc. will keep you unavailable.

Requirements to be a WEI Internet Teacher

  1. A member in good standing of the Lord’s church.
  2. Can conscientiously teach all the WEI material as they are written.
  3. Will agree to not copy and sell the material for a profit.
  4. You will model good English writing for your students.

How to become a WEI Internet Teacher

  1. Fill out a teacher application located at:
  2. You will receive additional information after you register to become a teacher.
  3. Active teachers must go to the Student Board link on the web site. There you will find a list of students waiting to be claimed by a teacher. The list gives student number, age, marital status, religion, occupation, and country of residence.
  4. You may pick any students who interest you.
  5. In the beginning, we recommend picking at least 3 students. About half drop out so this gives you a better chance of having at least one active student.
  6. After you learn how to operate the website’s controls, it takes about 10 minutes to teach both the Bible and English lessons to one student.
  7. If you ever run into problems or have additional questions, just send an email to our support queue.