Free English Lessons

Visit this link, and click on the red box that says Sign Up For Free English Lessons. All you need is Internet access or a postal address where we can send the lessons. Fill in your information and submit your registration. Each grammar lesson is illustrated with reading assignments taken from the Easy to Read English Version of the Bible.

Our institute offers 3 courses and additional lessons for students interested in improving their reading skills.

Elementary Course (web only)

  • 39 Free lessons
  • Great for beginner students
  • Earn a diploma upon completion

Intermediate Course

  • 21 Free lessons
  • Read and listen to English at the same time
  • Earn a diploma upon completion

Advanced Course

  • 27 Free lessons
  • Lessons help you prepare for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Exam
  • Earn a diploma upon completion

Supplemental Courses

  • 56 Free lessons
  • Continue your studies
  • Earn a certificate upon completion

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