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Dear WEI Team,

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you. So far, this course has been a great experience where I have had the opportunity to learn about many things and share different and opposite ideas with the wonderful teacher who was assigned to me, Ms. Laura H., a talented educator with such a warm personality, who opens up her heart to everybody, following her beliefs and teachings, no matter who they are in terms of religion, opinion or culture.

I must say proudly that I feel very happy to have obtained those two diplomas. I cannot wait to have them printed and framed. I really did my best and endeavored to complete this course as a major aim. Thanks to the support and guidance of my teacher, that goal became a reality.

I want to conclude by sending you a bear hug from Colombia, where the official language is Spanish and not many people master English. But thanks to programs like this one, that situation is changing. Thanks a billion.

Please do not stop. Your job has a huge positive social impact.

Sincerely, Boris M.

Boris M

“God has been working on me. I was born in a Muslim community but God has saved me from their evil teachings, while studying in their schools (which force students to read Quran and study it) had probably confused me, But at the same time that has given me a clear idea about how evil religion looks like, Islamic teachings urge its followers to discriminate against others in every possible way. So when I read the Bible especially the life of Jesus I felt different , for the first time in my life I feel peace and secure . I loved Jesus as a person who had never sinned, and as a God who loves his children and looks after them . As it’s not allowed in my country to sell or buy any religious books except Islamic books. I couldn’t had read the Bible if I didn’t have a laptop and connection to the internet . Somehow God has provided me with the means to know him and hear his message.

I feel that God understands my situation more than anyone else. I am sure that God will help me and lead me toward the new birth as I am in the course of changing my heart and life, but being baptized would be the difficult part of it , because it’s not allowed in my country to express my new faith in public . Being a Christian would remain a secret as long as I live in a country that enforces Sharia law.”

From Giza, Egypt

E. S.