Dear friends of WEI,                                         

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to all nations. God continues to bless WEI as a result of your encouragement and prayers.

When you watch TV and see the murderous atrocities committed against people simply because they claim Christianity as their religion, do you feel sick and helpless?  The greatest threat to world peace and security in our time is radical Islamic Jihad.  The only way to defeat these forces of Satan is by changing the hearts and minds of people by teaching them the Word of God. 

We do not believe there is a more effective Christian ministry for reaching the world of Islam than World English Institute.  Because we teach English, and our name is generic, Internet access to WEI is not blocked by even the most oppressive Muslim countries.  Thirty percent of our WEI Internet students claim Islam as their religion.  We are flying under the radar penetrating the Muslim “Iron Curtain” with the saving Gospel of Christ.  As a result, many Muslims are turning to Christianity and accepting Christ in baptism.  To God be the glory!

In order to respond to God’s call to reap a great harvest of souls through WEI, we need funds for running Google ads, recruiting more teachers, maintaining the web sites, and for supporting the personnel needed to keep this great-commission ministry moving forward.

God is using World English Institute and Bible Correspondence School to teach people about Christ in every nation on earth. The fields are truly white unto harvest. Thousands of Muslims, atheists, Communists, Buddhists, Hindus, Satanists, and people from other religious backgrounds have come to Christ through WEI. With your help, the Lord could multiply the number of people being saved through WEI. By advertising on Google one hour a day in every time zone, 1,000 new people enroll as Internet students every month. That number could be multiplied by twenty-four if we could advertise around the clock, and if we had enough teachers to handle the influx of students who are asking us to teach them. God has opened a huge door of opportunity before us. Will you walk through it?

We desperately need your help, and we would welcome your continued fellowship in world evangelism. The opportunity is staggering. A tax deductible gift of $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, or more will be an investment in lost souls. This year we are pleased to be offering a special free gift as a token of our gratitude for your donation. Please see the coupon in this envelope for more details.

As a token of our gratitude for your gift, EVERY donor no matter the amount of donation, will be sent a free handy white tote bag with our WEI logo and web site address screened on both sides.

In addition to that we are offering one WEI gray polo shirt with our logo for a minimum $50 contribution. All individual contributions of $100 or more will receive 2 shirts.   On the enclosed coupon you will be given the option to have the shirt or shirts shipped to your address for you to personally enjoy, or you may designate that a shirt or shirts be given to one of our WEI graduates from one of our WEI-short-term mission schools taking place in 2016. These short sleeve polo Gildan shirts are manufactured from a summer blend of 90% Ultra cotton and 10% poly with our screened logo on the left chest.

Please fill out the form below.  If you are not able to give money, please remember us in your prayers.

Yours for saving lost souls around the world,

Dick Ady, Founder of WEI

Tom Langley, President of WEI

Lee Allen, Director of Development

Instructions: Please fill out this form. Upon successful completion, you will be redirected to a page where you can pay with PayPal. The total number of shirts selected should not exceed  two.


  • Two shirts donated to WEI graduates. (You do not need to specify size.)
  • One shirt donated to a WEI graduate and one for myself. (Please indicate the size you want only.)
  • Two shirts for myself. (Please indicate the number and sizes you want.)

We will contact you if we find an error on your form or if we cannot match up your form submission with your donation. If you don’t specify any sizes, we’ll default to donating them to a short-term mission graduate.

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